New app for calculations in construction

Published by Strada Imaging on

GroundApp is a one-stop solution supporting a broad range of calculations performed for groundworks in construction projects. The app has been developed responding to a critical need in groundworks, where engineers, quantity surveyors, and buyers use multiple, ad-hoc tools to routinely evaluate quantities and dimensions. This way, and mostly performed away from the office, calculations are cumbersome, time consuming, and error prone. Moreover, not knowing how to get around engineering references and conversion tables, foremen and experienced groundworkers mostly rely on engineers to perform even the most straightforward of calculations.

It is in this context that GroundApp is released as an easy-to-use tool for both engineers and construction workers. In this regard, the app is purposely designed to be simple for the use of workers, who might not necessarily have the required engineering background. The app hosts multiple calculation modules with clear and plain sketches and schematics. Modules tackle various calculations needed for groundworks, such as those involving manholes, kerbs, and pipes, among others. In addition, quantity conversions from weight to volume, and vice versa, are available for commonly used groundwork materials. Although metric units are presently supported by GroundApp, some modules are already enabled to perform calculations in imperial units. In the near future, all modules will also support imperial units. The standalone app, that works on both iOS and Android devices, does not require an internet connection to work. Once purchased, the app is available for lifetime use.

This app is our first venture into construction innovation and is created through an intense collaboration with engineers with vast groundworks experience. The Civil Engineering Department of Aston University, Birmingham supported usability studies and product testing. The app has already been piloted among a number of groundwork personnel in the UK, receiving highly positive feedback.