Laser levels in construction

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Have you ever wondered how tall structures, like the one below, stand vertically, I mean, really vertically?

Figure 1. A modern skyscraper

That is because today’s construction engineers use various levelling and distance measurement instruments to keep buildings and structures to their intended form and shape. Imagine using the tech of the olden days to build Skyscrapers; how precarious these 5-storeyed buildings look like!

Figure 2. Old houses in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Modern optical levels (Figure 3) are used in conjunction with a staff (a.k.a a levelling rod) to ensure that floor surfaces are flat and to a given accuracy.

Figure 3. An optical level is being used in road construction

A second staff is used to keep track of everything with respect to a datum point. The precise nature of the calculation is facilitated by a dedicated module in our GroundApp.