Installing and Setting Up Pavo – 3 Easy Steps

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Step 1: Download the app from the Google Play

Pavo is a collection of applications that can help you perform Coarse Visual Inspection (CVI) and Detailed Visual Inspection (DVI).

Terms that will be used in this document

Admin – The buyer, whose email address has the license key attached.
The below three will be provided by Strada Imaging to the Admin:

Users – A team that is authorized by the admin to use the app by means of providing the Pavo
ID, Pavo license key, and Password.

Pavo ID – It is the email address of the admin. This email will be registered on our Pavo DVI
the central server and will be used by us to send the mobile application download link, updates, and
any notices.

Pavo License Key – This is a unique code that is tied to the Pavo ID. The purpose of this Key is
device registration. For example, if two licenses have been purchased, the maximum number of
device registrations that can happen is two. This device limit can be increased in the future by
purchasing additional licenses. Note: a registered device cannot be unregistered without the
intervention of Strada Imaging Technical Support ([email protected]).

Password – This password is used to secure the user’s account and ensures that only
authorized persons, which in this case is the buyer and their team, can read, write, update, or
delete data. A password will be provided by Strada Imaging, but it is highly recommended that
the admin changes this after the first login itself.

Step 2: Enabling a license on a device

If performed successfully, this is a one-time process. Contact the support team at
[email protected] if there are any problems with the license key, such as Pavo ID is
not recognized, the Pavo license key is not getting accepted, or any other unexpected error.

Open the app and find the settings icon (the one that looks like a gear) in the top right
corner. Click on this icon to proceed to the next step.

In this screen, users will be required to enter the Pavo ID and Pavo license key, which have
been provided by Strada Imaging, into their respective entry fields.

After successful activation of the Pavo license key on the device, users will be
automatically navigated to the screen below, where they can log in to their account by tapping
the SIGN IN button. Users will also see an acknowledgment appearing on the bottom center of
the screen like the one shown.

Step 3: Accessing the secure and private database assigned to your organization

By attaching this license key as described in step 2, users will be automatically connected to
the secure and private server allotted to the buyer. The users will have to enter the password
provided to them by the admin.

The SIGN IN button will lead to the screen below where users can enter
the Pavo ID and Password. Users can click on the SIGN IN TO YOUR ACCOUNT button to proceed.

On successful signing in, users will be landed on the Pavo DVI Home screen from where
they will be able to create new projects and search and view all existing projects. The home screen
will look something like the one shown below.

That is it! You can now proceed to record your surveys with Pavo.