Strada Imaging was formed following a decade of research and development, applying emerging technologies to solve difficult problems in transportation infrastructure maintenance. The co-founders have a long track-record in tackling pavement engineering problems.

Their R&D experience specifically focuses on:

  • the design of low-cost, bespoke hardware devices to collect condition data of transportation assets
  • detecting and assessing the condition of pavements and other linear assets from camera images, 3D range data, and other inspection data
  • software and algorithms to predict the condition of pavement in the future and thereby efficiently schedule maintenance activities
  • software that enable efficient data collection and automate repetitive data processing operations

The transportation infrastructure maintenance industry often has products and processes that are:

  1. expensive so that they are sparingly used
  2. tedious and slow
  3. in need of expert level users, and are getting increasingly affected by the retirement of experienced professionals
  4. inferior in performance

These acute pains of the industry need immediate attention, especially in the face of increasing funding cuts, and, solutions based on deep tech are the answer. In this regard, Strada Imaging develops software and hardware products for the purpose of increasing efficiency, performance, and throughput, while cutting down the costs involved. Our products directly feed into the digitisation strategy of the UK and other forward thinking governments.

Media coverage of our research and development