Are you looking for a cost-effective, efficient, and user-friendly solution for high-performance pavement inspection? Introducing SKAN3D, a revolutionary 3D pavement scanning technology designed for comprehensive assessment of carriageways, cycleways, and footways. SKAN3D combines robust hardware with advanced features to provide accurate measurements and analysis, all while being affordable and easy to use.

Key Features

  1. Comprehensive Pavement Inspection: SKAN3D utilizes a combination of a camera, multi-sensors, and GPS to deliver precise measurements of road features with an impressive 2mm accuracy.
  2. Single-Person Operation: Streamline your pavement inspection process with SKAN3D. Operate the system efficiently with just one person, reducing manpower requirements and operational costs.
  3. Cloud-Connected Technology: Benefit from direct and secure data upload to the cloud. Access your pavement inspection data anytime, anywhere, and share it seamlessly with relevant stakeholders.
  4. Mobile App Control: Take control of the survey hardware using a dedicated mobile app. Manage the scanning process, visualize projects, and monitor the health of the imaging box – all from the convenience of your mobile device.
  5. Flexible Power Options: Power SKAN3D either from the vehicle or through a rechargeable battery, providing flexibility in different operational scenarios.
  6. External Laser Profiler Integration: Enhance your pavement inspection capabilities by connecting an external laser profiler for macrotexture measurements.
  7. Nighttime Imaging: SKAN3D can connect and trigger external LED lights for nighttime imaging, ensuring a comprehensive assessment under various lighting conditions.
  8. Adaptable Mounting Structures: The system comes with adaptable vehicle mounting structures, offering versatility in deployment across different types of vehicles.
  9. Water- and Dust-Proof Design: SKAN3D is built to withstand challenging environmental conditions, ensuring reliable performance in any situation.


  • Carriageway Inspection
  • Cycleway Assessment
  • Footway Evaluation

How SKAN3D Works

The system comprises two units – an external rear-mounted unit with all sensors and an internal unit kept inside the vehicle. The external unit is mounted through an adaptable frame system, providing flexibility in deployment.


The dedicated SKAN3D app facilitates project visualization, health monitoring of the imaging box, and efficient management of pavement inspection projects. Receive critical alerts and general messages for seamless project supervision.

DeepRoad Integration

Data acquired from SKAN3D can be directly imported into our DeepRoad software, offering automated video analysis for surface, linear asset, and safety inspections.


  • Precision: Achieve 3D measurements with a remarkable 2mm accuracy.
  • Affordability: A fraction of the cost compared to existing laser triangulation-based scanners.
  • Ease of Use: Controlled through a mobile phone or tablet, ensuring user-friendly operation.

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