DeepRoad is a state of the art automated analysis software for videos obtained in road condition surveys. The AI-based software analyses right of way (ROW) videos for linear assets. Regulations stipulate that ROW videos must be collected for local roads and highways alike. However, videos over hundreds of kilometres of roads, collected every year, hardly get analysed due to the sheer amount of data contained in those. DeepRoad Linear Assets software module is the solution. Currently, the module detects linears assets, such as lamposts, and gets an accurate inventory of those. Moreover, the 3D positions of these assets are also measured and plotted on an aerial map. A distress detection module will also be available from the first quarter of 2022.

DeepRoad is available to customers as a SaaS (software as a service) licensing model. In addition to a nominal subscription fee, the users pay per number of images analysed. If their cameras are running at a fixed frame rate, the pricing model can be thought of as per kilometre. 

The years of research leading to DeepRoad has been performed in close collaboration Aston University, UK. Our deep neural networks are trained on data from real-world surveys performed by PTS International.

Key features:

  • Detect and inventorize linear assets including lamp-posts, traffic signs, marker posts, gully covers, among others
  • Parked vehicle detection for built-up areas
  • Locate the detected assets with their latitude and longitude 
  • Locate the assets on maps
  • Optional storage service for DeepRoad users

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