Pavo CVI

Pavo CVI is designed for direct digital data collection in Coarse Visual Inspection (CVI) or visual windshield surveys. These surveys are performed from slow moving vehicles (e.g. at 10 km/hr) at the network level. The inspector sits next to the driver and uses a direct data capture device to record issues on the road.

Over the years, road authorities and contractors have been using a number of these devices, usually a special purpose computer, coming with its own proprietary software. As many of these devices are old, and have legacy software (e.g. those written for Windows),  users are limited by what they can do and almost never get any updates. Technical support and product replacement is also minimal to non-existent. Hence, the technology is stagnant and not up to modern standards. The computer, software, and vehicle odometer interface device must all be bought, and this is hardly economical. In this way of data collection, the inspector also carries a digital camera, and takes photo of any areas of interest, eventually having the hard task of correlating photos to the data entered into the computer.

Pavo CVI, like our Pavo DVI app, has an app that can run on any Android device that the user might have. Moreover, it has a hardware device that facilitates taking vehicle odometer input to locate the issues observed. All the user has to do is purchase the CVI Interface Module and install the app from Google Play store on any of your Android device. The app also facilitates taking photos from the device itself, saving tedious identification work back in office. Moreover, Pavo CVI also provides interfaces and software routines to calibrate vehicle odometer.

Pavo CVI also comes out of a joint research between Strada Imaging and Aston University, UK.

Key features of Pavo CVI:

  • Flexible project settings for map creation
  • Multiple lane types available
  • Project settings editable even at a late stage
  • Road can be divided into segments of flexible length
  • 5 standard UKPMS CVI defect categories: Length, Lane Length, Count, “No defect”, & Area.
  • Drawable shapes, making recording possibilities virtually infinite
  • Possibility to edit and update recorded defects at a later time
  • Take photos from the tablet and attach those to the survey
  • Log GPS data in addition to odometer
  • Touch-to-edit functionality allows ultra-fast operation
  • No need for internet connection during a survey
  • Data on the device automatically backed up on the availability of an internet connection
  • Possible to shadow the survey from a remote location in real-time
  • Possible to record defects also from adjacent lanes
  • CSV report generation at the click of a button
  • PDF report generation at the click of a button
  • Email all project files to anyone at the click of a button

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